Welcome to our Authorized Dealer Sign-Up Portal. You will find documents about our products, video links, and basic sales ideas. Upon sign-up you will receive a FireBot Website with dedicated URL for promotion and online orders you may receive, a login/password to our documents and your order portal, a customized app header, and a dashboard for keeping track of all accounts you sign-up.

Welcome to FireBot!

We look forward to working with you as a FireBot Reseller. To enroll in this program, a minimum purchase of Water Leak Detection systems will be required each month. Each kit includes a Gateway, Ball Valve Shutoff, and 4 water sensors. We give all new Resellers our most preferential rate for your first six months and then pricing will be determined by Monthly Sales Volume. There are no on-going commitments beyond the minimum volume purchasing level.

Minimum Monthly Obligation

To enroll in the FireBot Resellers Program, a minimal purchase of four (4) Water Leak Detection Systems per month is required. At the first of each month (for a minimum of six months), you will receive and be billed for four (4) Water Leak Detection Systems at a Reseller price of $350 ea. plus shipping. It will be your responsibility to sell units at a profit, and recover any shipping, taxes, and installation fees.

Reseller Pricing Schedule

We will start you at Platinum Pricing our best, for the term of this agreement, this pricing level will remain in effect as long as four units, or more are ordered each month. They can also be a mix of Plumber Sentry water leak systems and FireBots. If levels drop below four units per month wholesale purchase price may vary based on volume.

Retail Pricing Schedule

Prices for Products shall be those specified in FireBot, Inc's current price list (set forth in Exhibit A price list), less any applicable discount (set forth in Exhibit A price list), or in accordance with an applicable, valid written price quotation, if any, submitted by FireBot, Inc to Reseller for such Products. Prices may change with written notice.

Note: FireBot Maximum Pricing set forth in the Price List must be adhered to.


Firebot, Inc. and its suppliers retain all rights, title, and interest in the intellectual property in the Firebot, Inc. products, Marketing Materials, Firebot, Inc. marks, Firebot, Inc. confidential Information.

Product Warranty

The warranties for Products may be found at the following URL: The reseller shall not make any warranty commitment, whether written or oral, on Firebot, Inc.’s behalf.


This Agreement shall be effective on the date of signing this Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Effective Date”) and will be renewed annually.

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