How FireBot Stacks Up
against the Competition

FireBot is the world’s first smart cooktop fire suppression system that utilizes a proprietary fire suppression liquid to safely and quickly suppress the types of fires that account for half of all residential fires — those that originate in the kitchen. Here’s how FireBot stacks up against and solidly outperforms all of our competitors!

Watch In Action

Pizza box Closed at 24” Height

Paper Towel Roll Burn at 24” Height

10” Pan 24” Height, 3⁄4” of Cooking oil

10” Pot at 24” Height, 4” Cooking Oil

19 x 13 x 10” Cardboard Box

5” Pot 24” Height Cooking Oil

UL300A Standard


With a Best in Class 99% effectiveness, FireBot is the only residential fire suppression device that has passed the UL300A standard. The “A” in the certification indicates that it is rated for 4-burner stovetops.

Our Competitors

Fails the UL300a fire tests and cannot consistently suppress and keep fires suppressed as proven by 3rd party testing. Effectiveness in the fire test lab was 30%.

Conclusion: FireBot is the only residential fire suppression device that is proven to put out stovetop fires regardless of the location or size of cookware on the stove.

Long-Term Savings


While the initial cost of FireBot is higher than our competitors, you spend much less over the long term. One installation of a FireBot system covers a unit for 10 years.

Our Competitors

While many competitor systems are cheaper, almost none of them provide full cooktop protection, covering only two burners — this means you’ll likely need to install TWO devices, doubling their listed cost per unit.

Conclusion: While FireBot has a higher initial cost, it has a much higher value over time compared to our competitors.

Service Life


Every FireBot includes a 10-year service life and is serviceable for an additional 10-years.

Our Competitors

Competitors recommend replacement every 5-6 years

Conclusion: With a 10-year service life, FireBot requires half the installation and maintenance as competitors.

Fire Suppression Method


FireBot uses a specially formulated biodegradable, non-toxic liquid fire suppressant with three functions: extinguishing flames, cooling the cooktop surface, and applying a surfactant on the stovetop surface to create a physical barrier to prevent reflashing.

Our Competitors

Utilize a dry sodium bicarbonate powder, which is toxic in high doses, and doesn’t cover the entire stovetop.

Conclusion: FireBot’s biodegradable, non-toxic liquid makes it safe for use in your home, clean-up is simple, and the entire cooktop surface is covered every time.

Activation Method


FireBot uses smart thermal sensors that give it the Best-in-class fire detection system. Taking in thousands of data points every second, it knows the second there is a dangerous fire on your stovetop or if you are just cooking.

Our Competitors

Rely on decades-old fuse and explosion methods that require flames to ignite a fuse, usually once great damage has already occurred. These fuses can be soaked or expire over time.

Conclusion: FireBot’s sensors do not rely on an ignition source, they do not expire, and will function even when they are dirty.

Coverage Effectiveness

100% Coverage


One FireBot unit covers all four burners, plus the surrounding countertop area. Our nozzles are specially designed to provide an even spray pattern for uniform coverage using only 1 liter of liquid.

25% Coverage

Our Competitors

Require two to four units and still will not cover the entire cooking surface. Dry powder can solidify and is only controlled by gravity to determine dispersal. Air currents and open windows can have a negative impact on effectiveness.

Conclusion: FireBot ensures that the entire stovetop, cabinets, and surrounding items are suppressed from fire.


Audible Alerts


FireBot features three different audible alerts: high-temperature alert, activation alert, and low-battery alert.

Optional wireless monitoring feature for instantaneous alerts via text, email, and call.

No Audible Alerts

Our Competitors

No audible alerts.

Installation and Aesthetics


Installation is simple and only takes a few minutes. The device is designed to blend in and allow maximum use of cooking space above the stovetop. Tamperproof hardware is available for apartment settings.

Our Competitors

The device can easily be installed incorrectly, shifted, or removed. Inconsistent mounting leads to inconsistent performance. Products commonly interfere with cooking space annoying tenants and taking away from the value of the home.

Conclusion: FireBot cannot be accidentally bumped or repositioned by occupants, and can easily be installed in minutes. The modern design easily blends in with appliances, adding rental value and appeal, and does not interfere with the cooking area.

Wireless Capabilities and Utility Shutoff


Completely compatible with modern smart homes, FireBot can wirelessly communicate with and notify occupants, property managers, and emergency response teams.

Our Competitors

No wireless capabilities and no way to know if a unit has been activated.

Conclusion: Property management can be immediately notified if a unit has been activated to ensure that it gets replaced and the tenants are safe. FireBot is able to provide unprecedented levels of home safety and security, allowing occupants to turn off their stoves remotely.

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