How Does
FireBot Work?

HALF of All Home Fires
Begin on the STOVETOP

While FireBot was in its early creation stages, we discovered that approximately half of all home fires begin on the stovetop, equating to roughly 175,000 fires a year according to a National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) report. Single-family homes aren’t the only residences affected, but also include multi-family housing, apartment complexes, senior housing, and college dorms. Each of these stovetop fires is preventable with a suppression system like FireBot in place, potentially saving billions of dollars in damages and countless lives.

Automatic Fire Detection & Suppression

Fire Sensors

The smart thermal sensors know the difference between everyday cooking and a fire it needs to suppress. FireBot will NOT activate from smoke, fire must be present.

Fire Detected

When an out-of-control fire is detected a warning alarm will sound notifying everyone in the area of the situation.


Firebot will activate when there is an out-of-control fire that poses a risk to the building and its inhabitants.

Our Proprietary Biodegradable Suppressant


Within a matter of seconds, 1 litre of Biodegradable, Non-Toxic liquid suppressant will be discharged, suppressing the fire. This suppressant is effective against many types of fire, including oil, grease, foods, cardboard, and more.


FireBot has been tested against UL300A, and passed, the most rigorous standards in the industry to ensure that once a fire is out it stays out.

Firebot product placements

Tested To The Highest Standards

UL300A Residential Fire Test Standards

FireBot has passed the UL300A Residential Fire Test Standards performed by a NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory). These standards test to ensure suppression without splashing or reignition and demonstrate a product can perform effectively.

Common Fires FireBot Is Effective Against

Pizza boxes, moving boxes, oil, grease, and pan fires. These fires happen when a person is not looking at the stove or is in a different room. Every 3 minutes there is a stovetop fire that requires a fire department response. Protect your home and your family!

Usability & Lifespan

One Time Use

Firebot is designed to activate and be used only once. If your device suppressed a fire call our team and ask about our fire replacement program!

Battery Operate – 10 Year Life

Once mounted your FireBot is effective for 10 years. Around this time a low battery alert will sound and not notify you to replace the battery and suppressant pack. This service can be performed by anyone. Check out our service videos on how simple it is to change the batteries and suppressant bag.

3 Easy Installation Options

Firebot offers 3 simple mounting options that cover microwaves, range hoods, backsplash, or drywall.



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FireBot is compatible with practically any stovetop configuration.

FireBot is battery-operated, completely self-contained, and features a sleek, modern housing design that fits with any kitchen. Sizes range from standard 30” wide stovetops, with additional models made for 36” and 48” stovetops. Buy yours in our online store today and protect your home from stovetop fires!