Protect your Loved Ones and Your Home from water damage!

Ball Valve Servo (BVS) Water Shutoff Valve


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  • Tool-free, bare hand install in 20 seconds
  • Smart torque control & self calibration
  • Outdoor-proof: Can deploy anywhere needed
  • Built-in leak detection probe and temperature sensing
  • Elbow friendly, gentle to valves and pipes
  • Power backup supports up to 1 day
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Brand: FireBot

With advanced electro-mechanic technology for patented adaptive torque control, the Valve Servo is exceptionally versatile and can handle even the most challenging valves with ease. This is complemented by its adjustable clamps, further enhancing its adaptability.

Moreover, the Valve Servo is the only retrofit valve actuator available that is designed explicitly for outdoor use. Its enclosure is constructed from automotive-grade, UV-resistant material, ensuring robustness and durability even in harsh environmental conditions.

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 6 in
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