Protect Your Family With a Firebot

Protect Your Family
With a Firebot

What would happen if you had a stovetop fire when you had your back turned for a minute? Could you think fast enough to put the fire out? Would your child panic and possibly get burned? You shouldn’t risk your or your family’s well-being when it comes to fires, especially when we have a product that can save your home and family’s lives. At Firebot, our Firebot product can put out a stovetop fire in seconds!



What Is Firebot?

Firebot is a fire suppression system that is triggered by fire. It detects and puts out stovetop fires automatically, making it an invaluable tool that protects your family. This innovative system can stop a stovetop fire before it spreads and destroys your home.

Are Many People Affected by Stovetop Fires?

You may be surprised to learn that nearly half of the house fires in the U.S. start on the stovetop. In fact, cooking is the number one cause of home fires. A fire can start and spread in the blink of an eye. Luckily, Firebot never blinks and will react immediately, saving the people you love.

How Firebot Works

The Firebot reacts to out-of-control fires. It doesn’t activate for smoke only, as most of the time, stovetop cooking creates smoke. The thermal sensors are able to detect the difference between smoke only and smoke combined with fire, making it an elite product.

Once the sensors detect the presence of a fire, Firebot will alert you and your family with a warning alarm and begin spraying a biodegradable, non-toxic liquid that has proven effective against various types of fires, including grease, oil, cardboard boxes, and pan fires. This specialized formula has three functions: douse the flames, cool off the stovetop, and put a surfactant on the stovetop. The surfactant is a chemical compound that creates a protective barrier to ensure the fire doesn’t reignite.

Why a Firebot Is Worth Purchasing To Protect Your Family

Our product has proven itself time and time again! It’s certified to UL300A standards, which means it can put out a fire on a four-burner stovetop and keep it out. Once installed, the Firebot will protect your family from house fires caused by the stovetop for 10 years. However, remember that once it activates and puts out a fire, it can’t be reused; the entire unit has to be replaced.

Additionally, the Firebot will not only alert you if there is a stovetop fire but will also let you know if the stovetop temperature is overly high and if the batteries need to be changed.

Firebot’s Easy Installation and Upkeep

If you’re worried that Firebot installation is going to be a complex process requiring professional assistance, fret no more! Anyone can install it in just minutes. You can easily mount it to drywall, the range hood, or a backsplash.

The only maintenance it requires is routine cleaning to remove grease buildup, and after 10 years, the battery and suppressant need to be replaced. However, these are also simple tasks you can do in a few minutes to ensure the Firebot continues protecting your home.

Additionally, there is no need to worry about whether the Firebot will stick out like a sore thumb in your kitchen. Its sleek design ensures it will fit in with the rest of your appliances.

If you want to put your family’s safety first regarding stovetop fires, you need a Firebot! A Firebot allows you to protect your family from deadly flames that could potentially destroy the home you love! Contact us to learn more about the world’s first smart cooktop suppression system: Firebot.