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FireBot Stovetop Fire Suppression Safety Device


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Wouldn’t it be nice if your smoke alarm actually put out your fire? FireBot has done it and we have built a device to stop out of control stove top fires which account for half of all home fires! You can now have peace of mind you have a FireBot constantly monitoring your stovetop. Our patented device detects an out-of-control fire and suppresses it using a small amount of our non-toxic liquid suppressant. It can put out all types of fires including oil and grease, the two most common and difficult types of fires to suppress. Once the fire is out cleaning up is simple, let the cooking area cool down and use any household cleaner to clean up the area. Mounting the device is simple, if you have a backsplash peel the red plastic off the double-sided tape, align it under your microwave or range and press firmly against the wall or if mounting on drywall use 3 of the drywall screws and mount it to your wall.

Patented US and Internationally

Mounting Made Simple: Click here to view mounting options

Service: Every 10 years, suppressant and battery change. Always ready and always monitoring.

Features and Benefits

Prevent Half of All Home Fires in the US
There is an average of 350,000 home fires a year in the US of which 172,000 are directly caused by stove top fires. Our device solves this massive gap in fire suppression systems and targets stovetop fires specifically. We use a patented system that easily mounts in any kitchen and constantly monitors the stovetop for an out-of-control fire. This can stop half of all home fires!

Reduce Risk, Save Lives and Save Money
Over 4.2 billion dollars each year in damages is caused due to these 172,000 fires which gives a big opportunity to save everyone a lot of money. In addition, over 1 billion is spent by the city on fire department response costs, injuries from fighting fires and firefighting resources. Insurance companies can save on claims which would provide the opportunity to discount customer premiums as an incentive and pass along some of the savings. Firebot can save lives, money, relocation costs, rental income loss, time, and someone’s home. The biggest savings is the amount of civilian deaths we can save. Just from stovetop fires we can help save the lives of 1290 people annually.

Passes Commercial Grade Fire Standards
This product passes the most difficult Fire safety standards for residential properties. UL300A fire testing standard was developed based off the commercial kitchen fire test protocol, UL300, which requires suppressant systems that are $5,000+ dollars. We have achieved this at a fraction of the price. Grease, oil, thanksgiving turkey, you name it, Firebot will put it out. Fire test videos are available upon request.

Suppressant is Safe, Sustainable and Biodegradable
We use a proprietary biodegradable, non-toxic liquid suppressant. That means no harmful gasses or dust that is used in a traditional fire extinguisher. After activation and the fire is suppressed, it’s as easy as letting the stovetop cool down and cleaning up the surface with any household cleaners. There is only 1 liter of suppressant being used so there is no water damage and is very easy to clean up after.

Easy Maintenance
10-year service life! This unit is completely self-contained and doesn’t need any service for 10 years, at which point the suppressant and battery needs to be changed out. This service can be performed by the end user or by a service provider and is anticipated to cost less than $30.

Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 6 × 6 in

See FireBot in Action!

The videos below include some of our actual test videos filmed at Chippewa Valley Technical College's L.E. Phillips Fire Safety Center in Eau Claire, WI, and demonstrate FireBot's ability to exceed UL specifications for a residential stovetop fire suppression device. Rest assured your home will be safer with a FireBot in the kitchen.


Standard Wall Mount

MSRP: Included w/FireBot

Application: Microwave/Range Hood with No Backsplash (mounting directly to drywall)

FireBot Drywall Installation

3M VHB Peel and Stick

MSRP: $24.95

Application: Smooth Backsplash (this will not work on textured surfaces)

FireBot 3M VHB Peel and Stick Installation

Universal Microwave Bracket

MSRP: $24.95

Application: Microwave with Backsplash (universal fit, works with all microwaves)

FireBot Microwave Bracket Installation
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