How FireBot Can Save You 5-15% On Your Home Insurance

Any homeowner will tell you that being able to save money on home insurance costs is one of the most important things to look out for, especially as insurance costs rise. Did you know that owning and installing a fire suppression system like FireBot can actually reduce your home insurance by anywhere from 5 to 15%? Here’s what you need to know about residential fires, fire suppression systems, and how FireBot can help you save money in addition to providing unrivaled fire protection in your home or apartment.

Do Safety Measures Really Lower Homeowner’s Insurance?

Similarly to automotive insurance, you too can lower your home insurance costs by implementing a fire suppression system like FireBot. When the likelihood of your home or apartment being damaged or destroyed by fire is dramatically reduced by our effective fire suppression system, your insurance rates can fall significantly.

The Advantage of Having a FireBot Fire Suppression System in Your Home

FireBot is the world’s first smart home fire suppression system that outperforms all competitors. Instead of relying on outdated methods for fire suppression, our modern, sleek, and discreet system uses electronic sensors to monitor your cooktop for dangerous heat and flame levels, automatically activating when dangerous flames are present. Our system provides full coverage for the entire cooktop and extinguishes and stops the spread of flames, saving you thousands of dollars in damages and, potentially, saving your life.

Automatic Utility Shut-Off and Emergency Response Notification

Being the world’s only smart fire suppression system, FireBot can wirelessly send notifications to occupants, property managers, and emergency response teams when activated. Additionally, FireBot can send signals to automatically shut off gas, electricity, and water valves to prevent further damage from occurring.

Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance Today With FireBot

Start saving money on your insurance costs while also having the peace of mind of the world’s most-advanced home fire suppression system available today. Each FireBot system is backed up by a 10-year service plan, providing years of savings to you and your family. Shop our online store today!

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