The High Cost Of Residential Fires
Unattended cooking was by far the leading contributing factor in cooking fires and fire deaths.
Cooking causes half (53%) of all reported home fires and nearly two of every five (38%) home fire injuries, and it is a leading cause of home fire deaths.

356,000 Home fires
2,580 Deaths
11,500 Injuries
$8.4B Property damage

Fire Department Statistics Prove
Over 50% of Fires Will Start On Your Stove Top

How It Works

Smoke detectors warn, FireBot warns and attacks the fire automatically Both warning and activate on high temp, to spray non-toxic fire suppressant on any type of stovetop fire from cooking oil to pizza boxes, paper towels, hot pads.

No other product has yet been invented better than FireBot for the cost, effectiveness, life span, and ease of installation.

Your chance to be the first to buy the world’s best firefighting device since the invention of water!

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Your Opportunity To Stop Half Of All Fires In Your Home

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FireBot – The best $350 you can ever spend! Why?

Smoke Sensors: Great safety devices, are mandatory in every home. Hear one, the best thing is to get out of the house and call the fire department, maybe you can locate the fire, maybe extinguish it, maybe not without injury or death

Fire Extinguishers: Good, but it may not be handy or you can’t find where you placed it. They need a person to use, not automatic. sometimes are not large enough to contain a fire. If you have never experienced a stovetop fire they are dangerous, smoke may fill the room making it hard to see, hard to breathe maybe smoke inhalation. Call the Fire Department as a last resort, they take time to show up, damage has already occurred plus if they use hoses you now have water damage on top of fire and smoke.

Insurance: Better to have no claims for Fire, Smoke, and Water damage. from stovetop fire as it did no damage. This pleases your Insurance Company and can help lower your yearly premiums. Plus there is always that high deductible you have to pay out of your pocket.


Ordering Details

The stovetop must be wall-mount installation vs island-style, as we are in the process of design.

Next there are three mounting options. Microwave mounting if you have one over the stovetop, If you have a vent fan or nothing above but cabinets, you need the wall mount plastic bracket. It uses 3 drywall screws or two way tape to adhere to tile, marble or stainless steel.

Only $299.95 $269.95 with this special offer!